Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Democratic Donkey

Democrats have Donkey as their animal icon, and this donkey is not only the dominant party in the United States, but has lately made the news of having the most nutritious cheese on earth.

This animal, which is usually, used to carry the load of bricks or logs of wood is today considered having the healthiest and nutritious milk amongst all mammals that lactate.

Research has indicated that Donkey cheese is extremely good for the body since it has 60 times more of Vitamin C than Cow's milk.

Donkeys secretion of milk is low, and thus the price of this cheese is

One pound = $576

Currently Serbia is the only country producing Donkey Cheese and our reigning Wimbledon Champion, Novak Djokovic has bought most of the cheese produced.

Until the price of this cheese comes down, a common man can enjoy Cow's cheese or start breeding donkeys.

Mantra for today: Never underestimate any living creature.

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