Monday, December 31, 2012

Reality TV Shows

Just recently a survey indicated that reality TV shows are a big hit amongst our audience.


I could not digest the fact that people cannot get a life of their own. Why are they interested in other people's lives?

Meddling in other people lives and their problems will only complicate your own life.

Let us try to look within ourselves and try to see our flaws and improvise on them rather than idling that time over the idiot box watching a reality tv show where they cry, they shout and fight with each other over petty reasons. While, the audience looks at them with either pity or laugh at their stupidity.

We are smart beings, we need to get a life of our own and not be judging the mistakes of others.

With just a few days away from a new 2013. Let us start fresh and make amendments with ourselves and Get a life!

Mantra for today: Get a life!

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