Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, 2013

Just like every year, we are presented a new year after 364 days.

What do most of us do?

Drink, celebrate, and the next day get a hang over and go back to our usual selves.

We all are aware of 12/21/2012 where Mayans had predicted the end of all existence. Most of us were hanging with a thin thread and hoping to make amends before we part with each other. But, we all survived.


We have all got a second life!

With a new year starting today. Let us start a fresh. Let us flush our egos, our pride down the toilet and flaunt our real selves.

We are humans made of the same flesh and same color of blood. Let us unite over various crimes and atrocities conducted on innocent beings. Let us join hands and suppress the evil from beings that try to control our society.

Majority of us existing on this planet prefer to walk on the path of righteousness. There  is a few percentage of people who walk the path of blood bath and prefer violence.

We can put an end to it.

We can unite and push those haters out of our society.

May the coming year, bring peace, harmony and prosperity to all my mankind.

Mantra for today: Love Peace and peace will follow you.
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