Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reverse Aging

A new year dawns upon us, but we humans are still on our old tactics...Alas!

Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are on their way to happily ever after!


Entrepreneur Hugh Hefner aged 86 marries a 26 year old woman. What is the chemistry behind it?

I do understand that love is blind, but could not still digest the fact that such a wide age group in a marriage would be a success.

I feel that such a wide age difference matters in a relationship, and I hope that things got sorted out before they committed to each other.

I guess Hugh Hefner is aging in a reverse gear thus, the magic is still in him or else how on earth would he be appealing to such a pretty woman of such a young age.

Wishing the couple a happy married life, while we take home a lesson.

Mantra for today: Aging is just a number
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