Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is it Time, yet?

When we have kids traveling with us, they are so excited to reach the destination that the above statement is uttered at least a gazillion times. You try to keep them entertained with books, board games, DVD's, music, but they still come up with, "Is it Time yet?" or "Are we there, yet?"

Time is a truly essential word. Toddlers don't realize the meaning of Time, but we as adults, should use it with caution. We are running daily to get chores done, and  finish deadlines. Little do we realize that Time will not wait up for anyone. We have to slow down a little and cherish the moments we are currently living in, so that when the next phase of Time arrives, we have memories of the previous one.

Time does not stand still. Time does not wait for anyone.

Time changes just as we wake up every day. If Time would stand still, we would be bored of the same routine. Every day is a new day and so is Time. So, why not treasure it as much as we treasure our breath.

Time, it does not wait for anyone. When our time will come, we have to go. When our time is there, we will succeed. When our time is knocking on our door, we will get what we had dreamt about. It’s all about time. So, lets all keep working hard for our dream.  When the time is right, our wishes are granted. He has it all planned out for us when we were born. When our time comes, it will come even if the world is falling apart. In the mean time, let’s rejoice along with our hard work and family and friends.

Mantra for today: Treasure Time and Time will treasure you.
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