Thursday, October 18, 2012

Women voters be cautioned

The Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama was immaculate.

Pointing fingers at each other for what could have been done or what did not be done or how it could have been done differently. Sadly, the saga will not end.

We love pointing out failures to each other not realizing that failure of one human is the failure of another individual. We all are in it together. Success or Failure, all humans experience it, together!

The Candidates are now asking women for their precious votes. They vouch for women rights and  equal salaries to men. They promise good health care for the feminine gender.

Woman has sure come a far way as compared to what she were a decade ago. But her aspirations are to nurture the whole world and that flame inside her makes her walking along the path, which is still heavily guarded by Man.

The Politicians are aware of her strength and her abilities thus, are seeking out for their precious votes.

Come on Women, read their policies in depth and make a wise decision.
Their future lies in your hands.

Mantra for today: Women, you are a miracle!
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