Friday, October 19, 2012

Celebrity Sperm Banks

Yesterday I came across sperm banks from celebrities. Now, that was new to me.

Sure, all parents want the best for their child and designing their future from the start would be the most appropriate way...correct?

Getting sperms from celebrities...hmm.

Now, coming to the definition of celebrity: Anybody who is famous.
How would you define famous?
Anybody can get fame in a negative or positive way. There are many who opt to get famous the positive way but there are a few of us who prefer to create a ruckus someplace and get fame.
Since, banks gotta keep the celebrity names hidden, a common man will not get to pick the specific sperm of Brad Pitt or George Clooney. However they could mention the traits they are looking for in their sperm donor and get a list.
This list could be of celebrities who got famous the good way or the bad way!

 So, there could be a possibility that the specifications a parent/individual looking for could be in a celebrity who is famous doing a negative thing!

My 2 cents is: Being famous is easy but being a common man is tough so, let's shun those kinda banks who charge excruciating fees to get a vial of that semen and opt for a common man's sperm who is more grounded and knows how to survive amidst all the panic around him.

Becoming a celebrity is not in our genes we all work towards it.

Mantra for today: Stay grounded
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