Thursday, October 11, 2012

How often do you Challenge yourself?

Challenges can either draw inspiration or it can make an individual go into one's shell.


Humans are scared of failures and many don't like it. Although we have heard that failure is a stepping stone to success!
But, who has the time to fail and then try again?

Because in this rat race, if we meet failure at one challenge then our buddies will move ahead of us, while we will be trying all over again. Correct?

Ponder on this

We meet with failure, we know the pros and the cons of failure although success is not yet tasted. But, the second time, the chances of us making that mistake will be less and we will be climbing a step further on that ladder towards success.

Success if it comes slowly, never goes into one's head. Appreciation of one's hard work makes one feel proud of our achievements in a modest way.
An individual who is grounded, will succeed 5 times more than a human who has won a lottery with a click of a button.

Challenge yourself daily on meeting your small milestones of the day. Feel proud of it at dusk even if it was an inch progress. It will make you confident and look forward to another day everyday!

Mantra for today: Challenge yourself

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