Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nail Clipper

Some time a small tool can become so vital in our lives.

For instance, my nail clipper has been missing for over a week, and my nails need trimming cause typing takes more effort, and I realize I got to trim off the extra keratin, which is hindering my progress.

I usually have a place to store this small thing in my house, but lately things are extremely disorganized and cannot find it.


Went to the store to purchase one. Now, the clipper I had was bought in 1990's and was utterly confused when I reached that aisle. All kinds of nail cutters were available as if humans have started growing nails of many kinds. Phew!

After reading all those packages, I had to look at my nails and understand what category do they fall into.

Keratin is still the protein manufacturing our nails, but the way products are marketed is crazy.  I read so many features being published over a simple nail cutter. Gone are the days, when a consumer can close his eyes and get a simple nail cutter. Why would I go for features here? The nail is being cut, and hands are going to be washed thereafter. How would the extra features such as prevention of skin cuts etc help? If care is not taken, while cutting your nails, even a nail cutter worth $100 bucks can give you cuts even if that the product is gold platted or 100% stainless steel.

I spent 30 minutes in the store just figuring out what kind of nail cutter to buy.


Mantra for today:  Simplicity
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