Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What are we ranting about?

The psychology of man is to rant about something.... earlier it was the stock market but ever since it crashed and no IPO's flourishing example: Facebook. Man likes to mouth about the weather, which again mankind is to blame for global warming and putting so many animals at risk for extinction.

These days we are mad about Gas prices. Sure, gas prices effect not only the vehicle we use to get from one place to the other but also our daily commodities get affected by it. There is an increase in prices for food, clothing, other essentials that we use daily, since transportation is used to get stuff to the city.


Simple Living

Seriously, these days I see that a family consisting of 3 (a couple/a kid) live in 4 bedroom homes, drive a SUV and their desires are endless. Let's curb down our expenses and our wants and just look at our needs. That will help us save on bucks and also help save on various resources, which will help our planet.

Mantra for today: Contentment

The above link will help you find a gas station with low gas near you. Enter the zip code and get the quotes.
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