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Energy Medicine: The Science of Healing


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Humans and their connection with energy

Humans are powerful beings and the amount of energy they "actually" possess is commendable. But, in this hustle bustle of life, we hardly pause and reflect on our inner strength.


Maybe 'cause there is so much negativity around us that we get engulfed with it and eventually get drained by it. This constant drainage causes our immune system to weaken and eventually we fall prey to many illnesses. That results in the downfall of our health.

The above scenario can be avoided.


All living beings have energy flowing through them. A person could feel stressed out or tired because of the lack of energy in them. That usually happens when the energy flow is at it's minimum. We could help pump ourselves up by healing thyself.

WE are the healers and we can help bring our energy level to a measurable amount by various ways. There are many types of energy healing around us. To name a few:-

· ThetaHealing

· Shamanic Healing

· Restorative Touch

· Quantum Touch

· Reiki

Humans have 7 chakras of life in them. Each chakra is beneficial in it’s own way. Detailed information can be found on the below link.

Oneself can attain this energy healing via meditation.

The above various energy-healing methods need to be attuned by a Master specializing in the above.

Talking about Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word and when split means Life force Energy from the Higher Power.

What is it used for?

Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation besides promoting healing. It is a lay on hands technique used by Reiki practitioners where energy is transmitted to a person who is stressed out either physically or mentally. Awareness about it will help the person "feel" the energy flow through him.

Reiki is not any religion and has no dogma. The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui introduced it in 1914 since he wanted all humans to live and act in a way that helps maintain peace and harmony amongst them.

Reiki is the flow of energy which helps accentuate a being.

Reiki has been divided into 3 parts where the Master gives attunements in three stages. The person after receiving the attunements can start to practice on himself and others. He will feel energy flowing through him when he is transmitting flow of energy into someone or himself.

Ideally, a practitioner should be get all the chakras of his moving and rust free. Once he has attained energy via chakra activation. He can start transmitting energy into another being and try to focus on clearing of the 7 chakras of the other person.

Is Reiki effective?

Reiki is energy dependent. If the person receiving Reiki is open minded, he will receive it and will see the difference in his well being...Emotionally and Physically.

However, if the person receiving Reiki has blocked himself and is rigid then he will NOT experience ANYTHING at all.

The effect lies in the receiver. There are various testimonials of people who are open to receiving this energy and have felt a difference in their lives...emotionally or physically.

About Myself...

I am a Reiki Master and have seen a difference in myself. How I perceive to problems around me and try to come up with solutions. The angle of observation towards life and it's problems has changed.

Reiki does not do any helps you change your perspectives, and this mind change can take you miles with regards to your emotional, mental and physical being.


That is because of the positive energy flowing inside you.

My friends who have received Reiki have seen changes in themselves.

They have observed that they are holding the reins of their life via their thoughts, which makes an impact on their physical being. Thus, helping the body to heal and take control.

It is a state of mind...a meditative mind, which can help create awareness of one self and helps us absorb energy to that ailing tissue to help bear the grunt of the pain while giving the mind a soothing effect.

I'm available at:

Try it...I guarantee that you will love it's after effects!


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