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Book Blitz: The Cheese & Chutney Affair

The Cheese & Chutney Affair: A laugh-out-loud romantic comedy by [James, Dee, Downer, D. R.]

Authors: Dee James & D.R. Downer

Blurb: Bhairavi Chandrasekar, aka BC, the spunky girl who was ready to take on the world, was the epitome of bold and beautiful. A fresher right out of college, BC knew she could meet the world head-on; that is, till her darling dad was by her side. Music, her dream job, independence, she had it all! Now, if only something could be done about her arrogant boss who she lovingly referred to as 'swine' (in her mind, of course!).

Alessandro Davolli, aka AD, was a hot, Italian hunk and a proverbial bad boy. A marketing genius, he thought he could wrap every woman he met around his finger, making them dance to his tunes. That was until he met Bhairavi! Outspoken, opinionated, and someone who gave it as good as she got, she was the definition of difficult. Now, if only he wasn't attracted to her!!

Add then there was BC's father who polished his gun at the sight of AD. What about AD's aunt? Where did she fit into all this? Will Alessandro and Bhairavi ever find their happily ever after? A roller coaster romantic comedy written by two authors - Dee James & D.R. Downer, now available in Amazon!

Bhairavi’s heart skipped more than a beat. For a moment, she even forgot to breathe as she looked at the handsome Italian bending down to look her in the eyes. She was captivated by the rich, hazel color of his eyes. “It’s certainly not that, Sir. All I meant was…” she was cut short, once again.
“Sir? Where did that come from? Look, Bhaairavi, I’ve repeatedly told you right from the very first team meeting that I would like to be addressed as AD. This ‘Sir’ culture…it is just so…so… Indian. We are an international organization. I think we need to lose our local culture, no?”
“Of course! We need to lose our local culture, like addressing people as Sir and Madam in India, or unnecessary flirting in Italy. You’re right, we need to lose it,” said Bhairavi. “Good night, AD! I’ll see you tomorrow.”
Alessandro looked at her in exasperation. One moment she seemed to show signs of attraction, the very next moment retracting. Damn! Frustrated, he turned around on his heels and walked away.
Bhairavi heaved a sigh of relief. Did I just kiss my career goodbye? I mean, he was just being nice and all…WTF is wrong with you, Bhairavi? Just because you can’t keep your hormones under control, doesn’t give you a right to act like a bitch in front of your boss!!!

Author bio:
D.R. Downer is an Indian, Indie bestselling author who predominantly writes in the mystery, crime, and thriller genres. Starting his professional journey as an Executive in the sales department of a UK-based organization, Downer has since then handled many roles and responsibilities in the Marketing, Sales & Customer Service departments across industries. He finally shifted over to Advertising and spent a good 11 years in the same. One fine morning, he found writing was his true calling, and that's all it took for him to start typing. Now he spends hours glued to his laptop, writing his next bestseller. Apart from being an author, Downer is also a much sought-after editor and a ghostwriter.

Dee James is an Indian indie author and a book blogger who writes sweet, dreamy, romantic stories. Born and brought up in India, Dee J writes techie manuals for a living and sweet love stories for passion. Her books feature a heavy dose of the contemporary Indian scene with drama, angst, and love of course. Dee J loves to read, write, sing, and cook. If she isn't spending time with her son, you can bet she's either reading or writing romance. Apart from happily ever afters, lipsticks, eyeliners, and coffee are her other weaknesses!

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