Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bonjour Au revoir

The bold orange color big star just like the oranges growing in sunny California was near the horizon ready to say goodbye for that day. I was sitting on my hammock and swayed it gently with my dangling hands. My body lay rested and neglected as my back was arched in a funny way and surprisingly the muscles around it did not yell for help. 

I let it be as is and allowed my mind to wander aimlessly with no GPS attached. 

But soon my intellect came into action as I started getting goosebumps on my bare arms. 

'What is it?' I wondered and frowned upon as I tried hard to gulp.

 Unknowingly I had opened the forbidden gates, and there came the gush of tears along with a  burst of laughter. I choked at first then bit my lip to make a conscious effort to shut that door but alas! Memories are not physical bodies that can be shunned away; its aura flowed along while I closed my eyes and let them fill my brain as I took in big inhalations and forcefully exhaled with the thought that even that quality of air shall flow out. 

My conscious mind said a bonjour to those memories while making a note of some 10 things that I've done, and that I had promised myself never to do again.

  • Make empty promises: That moment feels so good to take someone to the stars by promising to do this and that. Alas! giving a wretched feeling when not being able to accomplish it. 
  • Drink lots of caffeinated drinks and indulge in sweets at the same time: Jeez! the after effects can be torturous to the body. Needless to say those extra pounds difficult to shed. 
  • Not be critical of me instead laugh at my mistakes: Making goals is what makes encourages a human to walk on this planet each day. But, if those goals not met, despair and criticism is quick to arise. Instead learn to laugh over it and thank for what is there.  
  • Drive a car with the oil light on: Procrastination is one thing that makes me always nod my head and raise my eyebrows when in an inconvenient situation. 'Just another mile! The car can take it'  Never take chances! 
  • Argue over politics: I have realized how passionate people are about this topic, they can tear you up emotionally if not physically! 
  • Not ask for feedback from any Tom, Dick or Harry: Self-confidence is essential or else the world can tear you up. Ask an expert or someone whom you usually confide in.  
  • Never argue over texting: That is not only bad for your fingers but also so much screen time. Communication is always the key! 
  • Never procrastinate over expired goods: Milk and Dairy products is always a No-No. The kinds of acrobats this does in your tummy can take days to wear off.
  •  Try to please everyone and anyone but myself: Need I say more? 
  • Keep at least two credit cards in my wallet: With the recent magnetic strip on the credit card, there are times when a store's machine refuses to recognize it. Jeez! to have a back up is so important since cash is never in my wallet. 

Phew! Now that all those awkward blunders were flowing away far away from my mind. I relaxed took a deep breath and came back to my present. Needless to say, my arched back had started complaining of a twitch which made me jump up from the fabric sling and stretch left and right to extend that muscle. Once I was out and about, the mind got distracted and I was happy to say Au revoir to those memories.

My 2 cents

To err is human but to repeat it again is a swine! 


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post, with this week’s prompt a listicle of “10 things I’ve done that I can’t/won’t do again.”

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