Thursday, June 1, 2017

Take Charge ?

Thea Queen was swirling the chair round and round in a playful manner until she was interrupted by her dad who entered the chamber while clearing his throat as if to get her attention.

"Dad!" she quickly got up feeling embarrassed.

Mr. Queen gave a contort smile, "Thea this Empire will be yours one day, if you want to, however; you have to be willing to learn a few strategies of shrewdness."

Thea turned her back towards him as if contemplating over her dad's advice while Mr. Queen got busy with his balance sheets that were chiming in big numbers.

That made him exclaim with joy, while also got Thea's attention, "Is that significant amount your hard earned?" she inquired with curiosity.

"Uh-huh," he confirmed then looked up from his slanted spectacles, "If you agree to take charge, you too could be floating around in such numbers."


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