Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sunny Side up!

As I breathe into this body of bones and bunch of muscles that also comprise of fat; I look back!

I ponder over my childhood, my teens, my adulthood and now as a middle aged woman!

No doubt life has been unreasonable 'most' of the times. But, then it also taught me, matured my thinking as I continued to trod upon this path of life!

I have forgiven a bunch of my allies, made amendments with a handful, and also extended my hand to a few.

Nevertheless, there are some memories that refuse to fade away and still jab my heart when the mind recollects it. My mind has made home to individual memories that refuse to evaporate. Fortunately, the intellect acts upon and helps me come out of it or else I would either be drowning in my own tears or be flying high due to pride.

The places that have inhabited my brain include many sentiments such as success, birth, joy, disease, loss, death with various relationships in my lives. When the neurons get activated, emotions flow, but thankfully the judgment pours in and stabilizes me to think and evade from that matter.

Life goes on!

Life shall continue to go on until the planet Earth has an axis, and the Sun and the Moon do their jobs. With regards to these memories that have created a mini-cabin in my mind; I shall strive to look beyond them, along with the many relationships that I have made, and keep rowing my boat towards the sunny side of the planet with the reminder that the place that I belong to is my home, my family, and my loved ones!

Mantra for today: The Sun spares no part of the Earth but its' the vision of thy man that makes a spot sunny or stormy.


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “The places we belong,” brought to you by the fabulous Hillary Savoie. Show her some love?

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