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Tête-à-Tête with PG Van author of The Evil Twin

Today I have PG Van, a prolific author who pens romance genre novels. I have read her first release, and can vouch this one would be the same....sizzling...hawwt...could even burn your.....

PG Van Welcome!

PG Van what inspires you to pen romantic genres?

I am a romantic at heart and a die hard fan of eyes clapping, instant attraction and happy endings. All this put together lead me to the romance genre. 
Love plays such a huge role in our lives in many forms and the love between a couple is always special, especially when it is between an adamant and titanium shield woman and an unbelievably badass and loyal guy. When two strong and adamant characters come together every emotion is elevated to a new dimension and I absolutely enjoy writing about the conflicts, steamy interactions and their thoughts.
Even though all my books are listed under romance genre I like to write stories where other forms of love in the protagonist's lives make them who they are and aid in the journey that brings them together.

Evil Twin is your fifth novel...where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from every aspect of my life, people I see and the things I hear or read about everyday. This book fell into place when I connected incidents that happened years apart on my life and the day after the second event, I knew I had a story to write.
I was volunteering at a store when I had someone look at me like they recognized me but just kept looking at me, like they were debating if they should talk to me was when the story was born. The story was born out of my thoughts around the possibilities of a family looking for their long lost daughter.
Since I started writing, my mind is constantly setting aside information that I could potentially use for a story, to build a character, an event that I could use to bring the characters together. I started looking at strangers, while standing in line at a grocery store or even at a gas station and observe theory features, their behavior..anything I can use for my characters to the point where it is a bit weird. :)
My mom caught me checking out a very good looking guy and I HAD to clarify I wasn't drooling over him but was merely registering his facial characteristics so I could use them for my heros.

I also feel you have a ethereal aspect in your novels in spite of x loves y. How do you develop such intangible cord?
My goal is to give the readers the escape they want when they pick up a book. We all have a million things going on in our lives and if I am able to transport the reader into a world of love with an airy touch to enhance their experience the I am doing what I wanted to do with my stories.
Growing up in India, Bollywood was an escape into another world and I would say its probably ingrained in me and flows out when I start typing. :)

How has 'self published author' helped you with regards to sales and promotions. What are the steps you usually take? 

Amazon is great and I am a huge fan. I never thought I would publish my first book when I started writing it but Amazon makes it to easy to publish your work, I had to put my book out there for the readers.
I encourage every author to give Amazon a chance to connect the author with their readers. I have a lot of trust in Amazon and they are constantly working on developing tools that help indie authors. The latest feature I used was the option to submit a paperback and the process was easy and took me less than an hour to submit the paperback.
Amazon provides tools to help promote your book and I make sure I use all the features to the maximum extent. I list my books in KindleUnlimited and I see that as a huge opportunity to find the avid readers, the book addicts and bookaholics.

What can we expect next from you? 

I hope to eventually write Romance Thrillers and Romance suspense with a thick plot and I hope to get there someday. I published two parts of 'The Pure Destiny Series' and need to write the next part and it will be a historic romance.
I have a few other stories lined up and the one I am currently working on is called the 'The Marriage Contract'. It is a contemporary romance and My target release date is April 2017. It's story is a story of a woman who is willing to get into a marriage of convenience to protect what she had worked on and believes to make it big.

Wishing PG Van Good Luck in her future endeavors!!

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