Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tra-La-La-La, La-La-La!

This is the tune that has been ringing in our household ever since we passed the Thanksgiving weekend. No doubt the local radio station has also uplifted our moods since Carols play 24*7. Even though they are repetitive but somehow the music is what continues to make me tap my foot as I type this post.

"This holiday season, I hope we all can make a difference in our thoughts, which could bring out positive actions thus leading to beneficial consequences that people can embrace with a smile without wrinkling that forehead or moving their head in sheer disgust."

Reminds me of a famous song by John Lennon!

Holidays are the time when the man can pause, ponder, reflect and correct his actions.

Fortunately, we all get to celebrate holidays each year. But, with each passing year, the resolutions are made, dumped, and forgotten!

The world is getting an intolerant place to live.

We all are partially to be blamed for all that we are facing today.

To stand up, object, raise our voice and/or to choose a path of sanity.

All this requires an individual to be audacious and bold. It sure is not an easy journey especially if we take the plunge.

The dive to erase the ugliness around our society. To jump and hold out a hand in distress. To sweep out the hatred by just a smile and a hug. To dunk and help open the trunk of lies, secrets and help change for the better.

The journey is tough, but the destination will be a pleasant one! Not just for us, but for generations to come.

Tolerance and Mankind go hand in hand.

Are we ready to be the first to take the plunge!

Time to mend our ways and be responsible for the sake of humanity all over the world!


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