Thursday, November 10, 2016

Becoming Stagnant or Continue to Flourish...

Long, long time ago when life was simpler, and there was not much distraction except for the radio. An individual used to perform just mere counted chores and be satisfied with his day and would call it a night.
Children would be happy to wake up since they had slept well and would be glad to go to school to unite with their friends along with studies and would be satisfied to come home, spend time with their parents and have dinner together without any interference of any kind of correspondence with the outer world except for the radio, which would hum their favorite songs in the background. 

It was the world where priorities were the passion. Fun was unadulterated. Laughter was authentic. Family time was genuine. Relationships were respected since people had the time to appreciate things around!

Turn of the realized his potential.

He is amazed how he can juggle five things on each of his finger of his hand. He calls it liberation and is impressed with the progress humankind makes towards the end of the day. Seeing that kind of evolution united humanity and they have joined forces to continue this marathon.

Amidst this run, infants are neglected, while moms and dads venture out in the society that has got smitten by the 'multi-tasking' bug to get more comforts for their home, which is actually a home just for the namesake since the family is out for most of the hours.

Children in school first agitated against the changes but have adapted quickly since they have got lots of comfort in the name of food, technology to correspond and enjoy. Time is getting precious since all have the same complaint, "No Time!" and excuses are made left right and center.

Passion is hidden somewhere since all want to lead and no one wants to follow thus, lots of hard work put in along with stress and urgency for everything.

Alas! The human body cannot take the beat for long, and health is degrading thus, allowing medical professionals to pump in chemicals to keep us going. Wonder for how long these chemicals can maintain the man churning for more!

Two Cents
 With the election of a Republican President, A senate and house the chances are that growth will slow down. If an American is dreaming of speed bullet trains or electric cars, forget it for these four years. Washington DC might not fund it. Even the research on gene therapies or any new onset of science and its revolution. Not going to happen! 

I feel we have traveled so far that with the few listed above come to a halt...nothing is going to change. We will still be breathing, thriving and functioning so let's take the change in a positive way. Democracy still prevails in this country so why worry. We are intelligent people to make a choice!
A choice between being happy vs. brooding over it. 
Ronald Reagan, a Republican shaped our country for the good, and our elders are the living proof of it. Quoting Hillary, " Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. Our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer of power."

There will be quite a few handful of changes. Are we ready for it? 

Mantra for today: We are the society. Time to tame it.


There's always a solution to Stress and Urgency! 

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