Thursday, September 29, 2016

Festival time!

As we enter the month of September, we not only usher the Fall season, but also the many festivals that line up making me very excited at the thought of mingling, dressing, eating, laughing, and anything and everything that is fun.

What I love about Fall is the welcoming of Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving that brings along a lot of anticipation, excitement, glee, and joy for the upcoming months until Santa brings in gifts!

Festivals also make me ponder over the many quotes:

Don't just Celebrate Festivals, Celebrate Life!

Festivals are a way to bring you closer to your family!

The greatness of a culture can be found in its' festivals

Celebrating festivals has its' own advantages:

* It helps us keep connected to our roots, culture, our origin and as we celebrate it, we help preserve it.
*It helps people to come together and forget their chaos of life while hoping for a good year.
*It also marks the significant events important to the human race.
*It tells you about mythologies and elevates your faith, giving you lessons from inside those mythologies. You celebrate the good will and teachings you get from them.

Ever noticed that when it's time for the arrival of a festival, the whole aura changes, the whole community gets directed towards a faith, a surrounding full of real hopes, happiness, joy, celebrations is created. It naturally uplifts your bad mood and fills you with positive energy. It gives you an opportunity to forget all the not so good events of past and initiate fresh & new beginnings. You can also utilize this opportunity in all other positive aspects you can think of because your faith is high.

A human is a member of a mysterious species, we don't know about our origin, but with a little faith, we have the power to change the tides and modify this world and create something exceptional.

On a minus note

However, Families mingle, but with caution since; they dread that things could get ugly and egos could clash, which could put a strain on their relationship.

It is said that families have thicker blood to sustain any brunt thus, making their relationship compelling as compared to the friends.

My concern

If families are made of thick blood, then why do we use caution when meeting up with them?

*Maybe this thick blood has high expectations from individuals within the family?
*Maybe that thick blood refrains us to argue and confront each other.

I wish family members ought to be flexible with each other and not let ego's come in their way when there is an argument.

I also think peace is directly related to the celebration of festivals. If we have the tolerance for each other, chances are we will appreciate their presence while accepting their flaws. Thus allowing us to bring in adaptability and buoyancy in our relationships. This will help bring in peace within and beyond.

Mantra for today: Peace is the side product of tolerance and fortitude.


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