Friday, August 26, 2016

An infant to a teen.....

"See you at 7 pm tonight" I shouted to my better half who was heading out the door for work. He paused, thought and then curiously inquired, "What's at 7 pm and where?"

I inhaled deeply and uttered irritatingly, "the orientation" then in a melodious tone added, "Hons, be on time!"

A quick nod and he drove away.

As the day progressed. I could not concentrate. This teen who 13 years ago was brought in a car seat from the hospital as an infant. And in about four years time will be off to college!

When I think about the years that passed by they were no doubt like licking the honey off the spoon. The kid was obedient, had a smile and listened. Still, I was not satisfied. I was hungry for more. I must have lectured him in soft and loud voice for gazillion things while allowing him to make a selection when we would order at a restaurant or choose his own color shoes or outfit just so that he could think of what he actually likes or desires. I was his shadow at every step of the way. Guided him between right and wrong while teaching him the basics of life such as tying his shoelaces, riding a bike and blow the dust off the scrape that he would meet while learning any new skill.

 I am proud of whatever he is today!

As I cling to those fond memories of his hugs, kisses, and playful mannerisms with me I also dread the coming years. The coming years will be a challenge where I have to be mindful of my opinions, lectures over several topics that interest him. I have to give him space while allowing his wings to flap off and on. I also have to learn to choose my battles since being a teen he will want to get a taste of everything, but I don't want him to get hurt during that process.

Aha! Life of a parent is a test of patience at this junction.

However, in the back of my mind, I am rest assured that the foundation aka his wings is robust and sturdy thus avoiding him to sway or come in the drift of the wrong storm.

As I sip my ginger tea while typing this. I bank upon hope that anchors my soul as I continue to tread upon this Life as is.

Mantra for today: One Life, many decisions!


This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. Our sentence this week was “When it comes to the years…”

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