Monday, April 4, 2016

Review of Right Fit Wrong Shoes by Varsha Dixit

AUTHOR: Varsha Dixit 


GENRE: Chick -lit



HOW I GOT THIS BOOK: I thank 'The Book Club' for this review copy! Apologizes for the delay in the Review!

REVIEW: Right Fit Wrong Shoe is a story of a girl named Nandini and Aditya whose families are close knit. Thus, an objection from them is out of the question. It's the circumstances, distinct personalities of these protagonists that will make the reader go on a journey that includes Bollywood style of communication and wording from various hit movies dating since the 1980's.

There are plenty of characters in this book and am glad the author introduced them in the beginning thus, giving an idea to the reader on how they all connect. 

The story starts with the news of the arrival of Aditya and description of how nervous Nandini is to meet him. No doubt, leaving curiosity for the reader with questions such as why what for and how come!

Gladly the story goes into the flashback, thus giving a peek into Aditya's personality that at first was not received well as a reader. I found him arrogant, egotistical and condescending besides being dominant. That was a big turn off! However, as the story preceded, he is seen melting over issues, which made me put him in the 'like' category!

The story goes from present to flashbacks thus, allowing the reader to get a grip on their meet up, their fondness for each other, misunderstanding leading to some repercussions and then the happily ever after!

A reader has to be a fan of Bollywood dialogues to be able to giggle now and then esp since the author has injected quite a few. The story could have been penned to the point rather than stretching it and testing the limit of elasticity. As a reader, it was limiting my attention span cause of the above two factors. There were so many twists and turns with regards to the protagonist's misunderstanding, but was surprised when they met up and dissolved everything in a jiffy. I think the author could have invested some plots up there. 

Right Fit Wrong Shoes is a light read for people who love Bollywood triangles with all the inevitable filmy dialogues to keep the adrenaline running minus the running around trees part! 

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