Monday, April 4, 2016

Book Review of Color Me Rich

Title: Color Me Rich 

Author: Mohan Deep


Number of Pages: 189

Publisher: Quest Mercury Intermedia Private Limited

Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Color Me Rich is a thriller that will keep you on the edge while flipping pages after pages until it ends with a slam leaving you astonished, and heart broken!
The Story starts with an introduction to Akash's life and his struggles as a painter in Mumbai. He has a roommate named Pran, who is also struggling as an actor. While their attempts to make a livelihood, Akash comes across the socialite Zenobia, who eventually becomes his better half. A life of luxury and success unfolds for both the men as Akash takes his friend and roommate along. 
However, Akash could not forget his first and old flame from his struggling days. Suma. This leads to insecurity and frustration for his bride thus, leading to quarrels and arguments since jealousy became inevitable.
Amidst this uncertainty, Zenobia is dead. That grabs the reader's attention and the longing to find the criminal, which leads to reading till the end. 
The author, Mohan Deep has kept his novella crisp, to the point with just the right characters that could add spice to the story line. Classic Example is the Bollywood Aunty! The Characters are well etched except for Suma, who could have had some more depth to her character especially since she was a vital role in the love triangle story. Some words of Marathi/Hindi had to be interpreted and did make the reader in me pause for a bit. But, the flow of the storyline which went about from the past to the present caught in me immediately, and I could finish the story in a sitting. The author could portray the guilt in Akash's character via his empty canvas. 
Color Me Rich is a fast-paced thriller that will keep you on the edge while allowing you a few moments here and there to ponder on the society as the author could unveil the hypocrisy of the rich and the silent sobs of the struggling. 

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