Thursday, April 21, 2016

Flirting with Disaster..

Picture this....A Scene at a get-together!
"Hi X, How are you?"
"I am ok. How about you? OMG! What happened to you?"
"Oh, X don't ask. These couple of days, it had been so hot, and then suddenly the temperature dipped. Alas! My body could not take it."
"Jeez! this weather thing is killing me too!" Y took in a quick breath and continued, "My kids are sick. There is this strange bug floating around and in spite of ingesting airborne tablets. We all got it." 


BesidesTerrorism, Pathogens, and Pollution are killing humankind. Not to forget all the three are man-made! We are the creators of it although not intentionally, but all parts of the world are experiencing the brunt of it. 
Result: Sorrow! 
When tragedy strikes, and there is a loss. It is an eye opener, and we all pause, but then with the kind of competitive world, we live in. Soon we start to run along with the others, not realizing what is of importance and needs to be prioritized.

Amidst the cut-throat and aggressive life that we lead, most of us have forgotten what actually drives us. Passion is lost somewhere, and again most of us don't have the time to pause and look for it. Honestly, we are living in a world of zombies where we clown around just to get a 'LIKE' from others, thus, losing our identity. 

Sure, there are a handful of people who talk about consciousness, awareness, and Life. But, most of the time it is perceived during the weekdays and boom! When the weekend is's time to party, socialize, mingle. After all, networking can take us a long way!

Amidst all the above some of us want to be unique, gimcrack and shine out of the crowd. Thus, doing something extraordinary! Needless to say, this definition is defined differently by all of us :) 

As I watch --- those wrinkles develop around my face, joints are getting frail. 
I fear!
I fear for the coming generation. The Baton that we are carrying is all of the above, and needless to say; it is black and murky. I hope these children can shine it bright or else they will disappear into thin air as we have not taught them anything valuable!

Mantra for today: We are flirting with disaster. Let's pause and comprehend the situation. 

This has been a Finish the Sentence Friday post. This week’s sentence is “One of my biggest fears I ever had to face…”
Hosts are yours truly (Kristi from and sentence-thinker upper Michelle Grewe of

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