Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mindful Parenting

Savita was perplexed and agitated at her daughter's reaction.
While being mindful that its just a phase, she let out deep breaths as she forced herself to listen her out.

"Mom! Everyone wears this in school. Why can't I."

"Nopes!" came a high response from mom as she continued, "I don't see Anju or Halle or Kay wear such outfits."

There was a few seconds pause, but it gave ample time for Savita to take in a couple of breaths while her daughter hissed to her room without further instructions.

Mom advanced towards her closed door with the hope that she would listen to at least a teeny bit of gyaan that she had to deliver.

"Try to shine out of the crowd, my Love rather than be amongst the Horde."

No reaction

Savita walked away and plopped herself on the couch with her head tilted at an angle with the hope to stretch out that irritant muscle around her shoulder.

"What do you mean?" came a slow query

Savita sat up with a jerk.

Elated but still spoke with caution, "According to you everyone wears that kind of attire, why do you also have to join them? Be unique. Adopt a style that is like a conch that can be music not only to the ears but also be amiable to the eyes thus bringing an affable surrounding."

She said the above in one breath while crossing her fingers under her legs. After all a Mom can only hope and preach to a teen at this junction of time.

Mantra for today: Offering Moral Advice requires to be Mindful.


This is a fiction for the above picture prompt!

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