Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Mind-Body Connection

"Faster Faster, Are you a Turtle?" she spoke in an aggravated tone


Those words echoed in my ears, and that made me race like a hare and dash past the ribbon with hands over my head as I rejoiced the inevitable thanks to the strong words of encouragement from my coach.

I was not the fastest runner, but words of inspiration, encouragement would stimulate my mind, and that would make my body react once the mind-body connection would be made.


"Kick her hard! Take out all your frustration on her!" the instructor squawked

Hard! Frustrations!

So Be it!

Frustrations were in plenty esp. as a teen. So Be it!

The Mind-Body connection was used again to use my legs to its full potential to get my colored belts in Tae-Kwon-do.


No doubt each part of our body is vital, but when overused could also make it weak (my thoughts!)

I used these appendages to my full extent, which no doubt gave me the confidence, the assurance of "what you desire, can be attained if worked hard" but eventually I felt they became weak too. The muscles were not properly toned, or maybe I overworked them, or maybe it is just plain destiny!

When auto-immune disease struck me, the joints in my legs got affected the most. The hips, knees thus, making me walk with a limp and some effort now and then.

No doubt, I still make a mind-body connection but not to race or compete with an opponent or contestants but this time I wrestle within as I walk to any destination. The journey is mindful as I take each step towards it.

The hardship I am most thankful for is my weak legs that used to win medals earlier. Thanks to them I still live a mindful life!

Thanks to them, I am mindful of each step. The journey is full of awareness as I try to walk towards my destination. That makes each and every harbor a memorable one!

Mantra for today: Mindful living is the key to Gratitude.


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