Saturday, May 2, 2015

Toying with Disaster

Man is an emotional soul and loves to toy with anything that talks back to him. 

Any response he gets from somebody, there and then starts the flirting!

Sometimes, this could be a harmless event but, at times it could turn disastrous. 

Our Planet, Earth has exhibited significant and pretty landscapes of herself, to which man has got weak in his knees.

He has been enjoying all the bounties that nature has to offer, however; when it comes to giving back, he has not reciprocated to her. 

Lately, Man has been flirting with Mother Nature. 

Emissions from fumes, garbage, cutting down trees and constructions everywhere!

What is the Result?

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Extreme cold or hot conditions.

Result: We are flirting with disaster! 

Sure, according to science these are the tectonic plates that are always moving on the surface of the planet. Thus, when the ground shakes it leads to disaster as man has constructed zillions of concrete everywhere for his enjoyment, comfort, and pleasure. 

One planet, many needs!

Mantra for today: Got to prioritize our wants so that we all can live in harmony with nature and ourselves. 


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