Thursday, March 5, 2015

What grinds your gears?

"Jeez I hate how people backbite" laments Rose as she made that concluding statement after telling her ordeal on how she got backstabbed by her best friends, as she was getting her nails done.

"I swear! I just don't know how these people sleep at night," came a quick response from her stylist.

Just as Rose paid up and exited the building.
The stylist and her companion had a hearty laugh on her ex-client while mimicking her sobs.

Double crossing, dishonesty, mendacious, insincere, corrupted

Such traits roam around our planet in plenty. Am sure they all do it unknowingly, more so to be able to speak something, just anything.
Result: they hit rock bottom, and they continue to do this all the time, which eventually becomes a habit.

Now with a population of 318.9 million of the US, these things occur in plenty, and if I started worrying about it, I would have a nervous breakdown!

Thus, I want just to continue to focus on minuscule things in my day to day life that catches my attention and makes me grinds my gears!

Some of them are:
When the toilet paper is under and not over...geez! It's tough to grab it when you want to speed things up and clean!

When a certain someone wants to contact you ASAP, and hell breaks loose if you are not available!

When you brief your better half with all the possible instructions, and he calls you with the queries. Ughh!

When people use their saliva to turn pages in a book, and then the book comes to you for a read. Sheesh! I keep that book in the sun for a day to kill those germs!!

But then as Plato has suggested:

“There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot.” 
― Plato

So, I can take steps to avoid the anger step into my system, by applying the brakes in the nick of time so that my vehicle does not set into gear!

I can turn over the toilet paper. 'can breathe in a few puffs of oxygen to keep my cool and respond to the urgency, and can give the details when needed despite all the instructions given.  And I can prefer to read an ebook :)

Mantra for today: Tolerance towards actions of others is indirectly beneficial to one's health.


Join in the fun at FTSF. Today's sentence talks about, "grinds my gears!"

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