Thursday, February 12, 2015

This one time...

Grace bit her lips in apprehension as she muted the phone and scribbled something on her pad. After a final confirmation, she thanked and hung up. Paced the floor in confusion, as her hands scanned her face while tears were rolling down in unison. "I think I can do this," she muttered.

Picked up her purse, latched the door, and drove to her destination.

As she opened the door to her harbor, it was quiet in there. A man greeted her with his spectacles perched on the tip of his long nose.

"May I help you?" he inquired

"Err.. yes, I have an appointment," she mumbled while placing her hands on her thighs and gradually sliding them into the pockets of her jeans. She always gets closure when her hands are snug into her pockets, as she grips the fabric tightly to gain her composure.

The man scanned her and drew in a deep breath after raising his eyebrows, paged somebody, "Your appointment is here."

Grace paced in the waiting area, and soon a lady wearing a lab coat enters, and she's holding a folder in one hand. Upon seeing her client's outlook, she extended a fake smile, ushered her in, while eyeing the man at the reception, and nodding her head in disgust.

Grace could feel the burn.

"Look, I know I am not one of your regular customers, and I am aware I need a lot of work, but I have this special event with somebody, and this one time I want to look my best." She came to the point.

The lady in the lab coat was stunned by her honesty.

She melted, and after taking a few gulps she suggested a few options for her makeover, and after an affirmative nod from her client, she got busy.

Grace was enjoying being pampered; she closed her eyes to reminisce about the time when she used to be a local in such salons. Tears gushed down her cheeks unknowingly. That made the stylist pause, "Are you alright?" she inquired.

"Oh! yes." Grace became conscious of her tears, and she quickly wiped them but could not hold back, "Just so that you know, my frame had been exposed to all these luxuries."

That made the lady raise her eyebrows, "So, what made you go into hibernation?"

"My days are numbered." came a choked reply, "but, I wanna live this one time and dance my heart out with my beloved." she said with a gentle smile.

That response froze her cosmetologist, "I am sorry!"

"Oh! Please don't be. We all have to go one day. I am lucky, I know when I will be breathing my last." In order to lighten the mood, she continued, "This is making me live with mindfulness." and winked at her.

That reply made the beautician's eyes moist as she whispered, "Wise words, indeed!"

"So, do you have a dress planned out?" she inquired while moisturizing her bristles.

"Yes, my love had gifted me a red gown years back. We will be going down memory lane with the same act and dance sequence." Grace had twinkle in her eyes, and her voice had excitement.

Once all done, Grace gave a thumbs up and pulled out her card to be charged, but her beautician was quick, "It's on the house."

That act confused her. To which the stylist replied, "Gotta wipe out my crummy behavior that I expressed to you."

They hugged, departed.

That evening, Grace wore her red gown, and she danced arm in arm with her darling as they lived in the past while enjoying the few moments left in the present.

Mantra for today: Life is too short to be living in ignorance. Fill your bucket with conscious living since it leads to fulfillment. 

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