Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Letter to Santa....

Dear Santa,
You must give me something special this year because I have been very good all year. This I say because…

Life around me is in turmoil, and eventually I too will get wrapped up with this anxiety. I will forget which journey to unfold in my life as I would be walking back n forth upon the paths that have already been tread upon. Thus, leaving me sad and  with no hope!
You do realize Santa that ambition is essential for mankind  cause that allows them to look forward to something. This excitement can flutter their heart, stretch out those muscles over their forehead and around the lips, which is deciphered as a smile. 
The above acts can not only help the civilization to be pleased for the days ahead, but also allow a man to dream, have faith and to long for something that is rightfully theirs. Alas! It has been snatched away due to some irrational thinkers who, unfortunately, are also from our same clan, but their brains are fogged. 
Thus, Santa this Christmas I want a Truce
This toxic free product will help to clean the grime and dirt around the perimeter of my home. However, it will sterile my neighborhood by uncluttering their respective mess and helping them stay focussed on their goal of life. 
The reviews of this all-purpose cleaner are mind-blowing. They say that once the product is in your hand, daisies will be dancing together with mankind.  
Oh! Santa please deliver this product to me on Christmas Eve. I want magic to happen around me and on this planet. 
Thanking you,

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