Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Worded Wednesday #62

Reader Alert: Today's Wednesday is worded!


With Thanksgiving around the corner, we will be surrounded by Family or Friends, and will celebrate this holiday with scrumptious food and a little laughter.

However, when family or friends meet, there could also be friction of opinions regarding things or issues.

That is normal since humans are intelligent souls, and not all people can think alike otherwise there would not have been any new discoveries.

But, in order to keep harmony whilst eating the food prepared with so much love and effort, we got to agree with the other person's opinion and it is okay if they do not nod at your beliefs.

We do not need a certificate of approval from them to act so, just be in the moment, enjoy the food, laugh (or at least pretend to laugh) and come home with those extra nutritious calories in your body.

Tis is the season to give thanks (such as surviving the daily grind, natural calamities, having a job, born as a human) for many things besides our opinions so, let's enjoy our surroundings and our community (since we cannot live without them, being a social animal) and be thankful for our mere existence.

 Mantra for today: Be thankful for your existence


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