Sunday, November 30, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was my date of birth, and needless to say my pages on social media went frenzy wishing me " Happy Birthday."

Sure, I was elated reading and received wishes from my near, dear and virtual ones, and acknowledged them for their wishes.

While thanking about ~200th time (yes, that many wishes) I realized (yes, better late than never, huh!) that thank goodness I was born as a human, to be able to cherish all these wishes, and enjoy the spotlight, and dance and bow thee!

Yes, we all are the fortunate ones to be given the birth of a human.

A human that has the five senses, intelligence, and a touch that can either impact an individual in a positive or negative way via our actions. These actions can sometimes speak louder than words; seen as clashes that rips our skin apart.

Sometimes when our egos clash, the harsh words itself can echo miles and can hurt an individual at the cellular level cause of its  sheer utterance.
Phew! What an impact.

Yes, we all are the lucky ones to breathe in that oxygen with freedom and choose to either be elated or suffocate at our circumstances that we are partially responsible for creating it.

A life as a human being is so precious, yet we let our days, months, years pass by without the knowledge of being gifted the best mortal being until we breathe our last!

A reminder (to myself) that we ought to cherish this life as a Homeo-Sapien since it is not only a wiser life as compared to any other form born on this planet, but also we can do wonders to this planet, and transform it as a blessing for other animals.

Mantra for today: Life as a human being is precious, let's give it our best shot!
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