Thursday, August 7, 2014

This Bag of Bones

Let's get this body is perfect, and yet we all are proud to be called intelligent beings.

However, thanks to our organic components that govern the carcass that we can create memories by interacting, communicating, and connecting with other bodies. This frame, by its actions, can either take our name on a plaque or to the dungeon. Our experiences help this body to mature accordingly and with our unique DNA composition, we all are unique beings!

Look around, and you will find bodies of different shapes and sizes.

For which I applaud the garment industry for helping us all wear apparels by shopping under numbers and Alphabets. It's amazing how a population of ~20% can all dress under Medium or a number 6 and yet be different in so many ways!

Just as each story has a message to deliver, I think each body is also trying to unfold a story within, and the eyes hold most of the information. 

My body has faced the brunt of arthritis and joint pains, which makes the muscles of  my body shout out each day. However, am grateful to my body that it has given  me a chance to look inside  myself and my needs and made me draw a line from my wants and desires. The day I walk along a path without pain; I feel thankful to my body since it made me walk an extra mile in this lifetime with a smile. Infact, I am  meditating when I am in motion since I pay conscious attention to my limbs as they move, and this helps me focus on myself and helps avoid thoughts to come and go.

But bottom line, our bodies are miracles, carrying us through life, and each one, in its  way, is a thing of beauty. What we choose to do with this miracle of life is our choice. We can either indulge in physical pleasures (that once again man has invented!) or choose to take our apperceptions to the next level so that gradually and eventually our body can cease to feel the pains around!

The most amazing thing my body has done is allowing me to contemplate about my existence by helping me give a goal in each breath beside being able to have a loving family around me.

Mantra for today: Every coin has two sides. Which side of coin we choose to see, is our call.

FTSF is live and today's sentence is: "the most amazing thing my body" Join in the fun!


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