Monday, June 30, 2014

Self Tune-up

Ann steps out of her car in her stilettos and walks into a store.

After her usual purchases, she pulls out her ink pad, presses her thumb onto it and then dabs it on the receipt that the clerk puts forward.

"It's high time you learn to write your name, Ann" the cashier exclaimed as she nods in disbelief while putting the receipt in her drawer.

"Oh! Yes, I am getting there, Sam. Maybe next time I will be signing my name." she says with a wink.

The person next in line is observing all this, and could not contain his curiosity. He wants to know more about this person. 'Swipes his credit card, but it is denied, he then quickly pays the assistant and starts following the lady who has gathered a lot of attention by her striking up-to-date physical appearance that tops her confidence even when she was paying via her credit card with a thumb print instead of a signature.

"Excuse me" he shouts

She is courteous, stops and turns back, "Do I know you?"

"eh! not exactly. But I could not resist your spunk to be such a contrast. How do you do it?" he asks meekly

Ann is tempted to say, "None of your business" but then her professional side took over.

She gives a crooked smile and replies in a questionable tone, "Why do you question this? I have worked hard towards it." She pauses and continues, "You could name it as kismet"

The man shrugs his shoulders, scratches his rough, unkempt hair and slides his hands in his tattered jeans while looking down on his dirty shoes as his eyes get watery. He murmurs gently, "I don't believe this"

Ann starts to walk.

This time he shouts, "I don't believe this!"

"What don't you believe?" she asks with an equally eager tone.

"You are uneducated, and you make your transactions with your finger imprint and still enjoy the luxuries of an ordinary man?"

"I told you earlier and am repeating again. It is my hard earned money. And yes, enough of taunting, I am learning to read and write. Will be able to write my name soon." replies an irritating Ann.

The man puts his hands on his hips and nods his head from left to right, "Call it kismet or luck. I were a post graduate and got into a fury of recession. Today, I stand jobless with meagre savings; enough for me to eat for a day. While you roam around with no education and yet a stiff bank balance." he scorns

"Right now it is not about me, but about you," she settles down on a plank next to the store as she places her bags near her.

"What made you reach this point in your life?" she asks with a calm tone as she wraps her arms around her.

"umm" takes a while then finally utters it, "I actually got over confident that no one will touch me, cause of my qualifications and took it easy with my work." came a thoughtful reply

"Okay, so what would be your next step of action"

"Well, duh! it is obvious. I am looking for a job"

"Sure, you are. But not as a jobless person but as a post graduate."she remarks
That came as a sharp spear straight to his heart.

He pauses then narrows his eyes, "how do you know all this?"

She pushes back her hair in delight and while looking for her car keys in her purse she replies, "It is my profession"

"haha...a profession without a qualification. I don't believe it."he sneers

"I help unfold stories within people, and that does not need a certificate. It needs consciousness and awareness," she is crisp in her response.

Hearing such wise words from a middle aged woman, he blushes but is still unconvinced.

Thus, she continues, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Many of times, we dunno what is putting us in a quandary. I help people find themselves and in return get compensated for my service."

He puts his hand in his pocket, but finds some coins. Looks embarrassed.

Ann gets up, and as she presses her remote to open her car she remarks, "No worries, you can pay me when you get employed."

They both part their ways.

Few weeks pass by, and Ann completes her transaction with her signature. The clerk rejoices with a loud cheer!

Fate made Ann and the once unemployed man meet again. This time, he is better clothed, confident, and grounded. He congratulates her on her first signature and pays his dues.

My 2 cents

The mind is a part of our body. It can take us miles away even though the body is stationary. Being alert in our thoughts, and paying heed to them can make us identify what is bothering us. Thus, making us unravel the misconceptions and deciphering the code within a while giving an individual the guts to face it by helping find a solution to the problem.

Many of the times man roams the aisles of known walls, but he is still lonely, afraid and fragile. Tuning the mind and the body to one wavelength can help him find the secret of his agony thus, helping him disentangle and find the road to success.

Mantra for today: Road map to success is to confront your within.

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