Saturday, June 28, 2014

Is Life a Bargain?

'have been on this planet for over 40 years now, and so far Life has been about ups and downs. However, I had learnt to maneuver my driving wheel when any obstruction came flying to me and applied brakes when needed. Alas, when it came to pressing the accelerator; nothing happened. This car called Life drives at its own speed!

Thus, allowing me to taste many flavors of existence.

Happiness, Honesty, Karma were some values instilled in me as a teen, and that helped me evolve today to who I am today with contentment and satisfaction. Cause if I don't stand for something, I have been told that I will tend to fall for anything! That will eventually lead to cutting my conscious, which is the chord of existence.

As they say, that what you give, you shall receive.
Life is all about give and take.
But is that true?

Cause we all had come to junctions in our life when we wanted something from an individual but instead felt cheated, and dishonored.

Thus, making me always rant about one thing that I'll never compromise on Integrity!

This virtue can help us take any relationship miles, or we could dump it by traveling only half a mile owing to deceit, crafty, uncanny dealing or behavior.

Sometimes, I mock over such people (even though it is hard) and thank the karma chameleon cause it is better to be ditched sooner than being left isolated in the woods amongst the hungry howling noises.

At that junction in time, man tends to either look up at the energy beyond him and question, "WHY" or lean into scholar's wise words who blame it on kismet or karma. Call it giving respite from the daily drill or bestowing peace within to that heart that jumps and flickers and refuses to sit still cause of the sentiments that once involved that relationship, and now have been strained by someone being dishonest and fraudulent.

In the end, as I gather my strength, and brush off the dust from my behind. I console myself that such people threaten their own self-esteem and their relationship cause it is their loss, and not mine.

My 2 cents
Honesty is not just about earning your livelihood. It is about how you deal with people and interact with them. This world is complete with you and me in it, then why don't we learn to respect each other's presence.

Mantra for today: The world is ours!

With USA entering the sweet 16  round in the FIFA. I could not resist myself in pasting this song!


FTSF is live and their sentence for this week is: I'll never compromise on
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