Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why is fiction overwhelmingly negative?

Fiction is a class of literature that comprises works of imaginative narration, and it is something invented, imagined and made up.

We all like fiction cause it tickles our imagination and gives us goosebumps especially when a character is overwhelmed with emotions that we went through some day in our life.

But, lately stories have been dawning upon fiction that is impossible to digest the reason they are so darn negative and sometimes don't make sense that the heebie jeebees that occur give the creeps and tend to haunt an individual when he wants to snooze for a few hours.

Sometimes, I ponder upon that is man trying to test his endurance by stretching a rubber band to such an extent that eventually it will lose its elasticity and lead to devastation?

Some would argue that it is just plain imagination, but I would argue that this artistry that is over powering one's imagination is  not uplifting to any spirits, and it just gives plain darn nightmares. Although, I also agree that after a turmoil comes spring that is beautiful and an individual tends to embrace it with self-composure and dignity since he has seen the ugly side.

Life is already so complicated and the eggs in our basket are cracking either due to our actions or the circumstances that unfold, which leads to more struggles as we brush our fate fondly with the hope to brighten our destiny.

As writers, let's throw out the negativity that is overwhelmingly contradictory in our fiction while bringing a balance, as it is an obstruction of development in all senses.

Mantra for today: Negativity of all forms shuts door of progress.

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