Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Mindset

Readers alert: Dunno if this a rant or if there is a logic behind it.

A Typical Scenario in my home:

Jackets (that are in use) piled up on the sofa. The throw blanket on the sofa. In a corner of the family room Legos are scattered, which the kid was playing before going to school. Books with bookmarks scattered on the centre table, and a guitar standing lonely on a stand instead of being tucked away in its case.

Kitchen counter has a toaster and a grinder tucked into a corner instead of being shelved. Bottles of vitamins arranged in a corner along with my Masala Dabba and oil that is used for cooking.

Is this a sign of laziness? Have I not been doing my duty of cleaning?

Interpretation of cleaning is the removal of dust and dirt. That is done at the moment such microbes are visible. However, it is the tidying of things that could make my home unkempt according to a visitor who would enter without a call.

Then the question is: Why don't I tidy things up?

I do not believe in it!

My thinking is why disrupt the normal flow of an individual (small or big) when his stuff is left at places of his convenience. This not only helps him pick up from where he left but also does not allow any time to waste looking for things.

Needless to say, those loud and tense questions, "Mom have you seen my book?"

"Which book? Where did you keep it last?" comes an equally irritated reply with several questions in return instead of answering the latter one.

After a series of questions, and looking inquisitively in places for the object, it is found.


What was lost amidst that?

Time and a few heart beats of both the individuals. One who was looking for his stuff and the other who was disrupted from doing her normal chore to help look for it.

Thus, to keep your items as is (as long as they are used) got introduced in my household.

It is like saving some time since done on a daily basis. However, such items are arranged in order when company announces their arrival.

Cleaning is done on a regular basis, but when it comes to tidying and organizing things, that usually happens when we have people visiting.

Also, what is a home (especially with kids) that is not showing sign of toys and books laying around.

Now, physiologists would argue that I am not doing a fine job in training my kid to clean his mess, but the definition of litter is different in our home.
Where there is a spill, he ought to clean up. He is quick to pick up his things that fell accidentally, but it is the daily use of stuff that I prefer to be left alone.

The quote that cleanliness is next to god still stands strong in my home, but being tidy is a factor that is a debatable topic and still goes strong between me and my mom cause she thinks that if the house is not tidy, it is not clean.

I feel that as long as the stuff gets moved in and out of its place, there is no reason to worry since dirt will not accumulate, thus leading to a clean home.

What do you think?

Mantra for today: Its' your mindset that gives you happiness and contentment.


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