Monday, February 24, 2014

Water your Roots?

Do you remember to water your roots each morning?
No, not your plants but your lineage.

We are a living proof of our ancestors. The culture that is bred within us and the kind of thoughts that we act upon make us a breathing proof of descent, and we ought to appreciate that.

Now, there are some who would not agree on the above and say, "All our ancestors gave us is a bunch of crap and a bucket of sorrows."

I would say, "it is the combination of our destiny and karma's that makes us what we are today"

There have been individuals that have come from broken homes, have had an abominable past, but managed to create a bright future for themselves by shaping their present.

Watering our roots help us stay grounded, connected to our heritage and this can help us see light at the end of the tunnel especially when the going is tough.

Dampen your ancestry and get rid of ego while accepting who you are. Embracing oneself is important for any individual to make a progress. By that he accepts his flaws, and learns to move on without any baggage.

Thus, next time when you see the  sun rise make sure you ponder on your heritage and its values and look within you to make a difference in this lifetime.

Mantra for today: Our heritage helps us stay grounded. 
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