Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Impact of Joy in our Lives

I was inspired to write this post when I read about Suzy's goal for this year...JOY in 2014

To be in joy unconditionally is difficult but to be aware of our circumstances and strive to be in that state of mind is bliss!

Happiness is conditional for all beings since we believe in fruits of labor. Getting success means happiness for age groups until 50.

Asking people ranging from ages 1 to 90 years old...their reason for happiness will vary.

Happiness is when the inner self is in high spirits due to some satisfaction that he has yearned for quite some time.

It is bliss, contentment and peace of mind for some.

Happiness leads to a moment of enjoyment, a euphoria which leads man to ecstasy even without any drugs.

Man is a dreamer, and when his dreams, ambitions, goals, or something nice triggers for him, his heart tends to melt and secrete those hormones that lead to a smile as his inner self rejuvenates over it.

Happiness is an expression of love. A love and a yearning from within for someone or for oneself.

Promising to be happy for just that day can do wonders.

Try it, and feel the gush of happiness flow through you for that selective day and you will be amazed at how powerful your thoughts can be!

Once man realizes the magic of being in that state of mind despite the ugly circumstances surrounding him, he tends to believe in joy.

Mantra for today: Joy is an ecstasy that can be addictive if the soul learns to grip the art of being in that state of mind, irrespective of the outcome.

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