Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The IMPACT of Music

Any music is good if it touches an individual’s heart and soul.

These days some radio stations, are playing the Christmas carols and will continue to do so until the New Year dawns upon us.

For the past few years, I have seen magic in the air with that kind of music. It tends to bring people in the mood for giving and that soothing music not only makes us hum along but also makes the heart melt with the inclination to get into Santa’s good list even though you have been naughty for those eleven months.

Man is greedy, and I admire his disposition for he wants to overwrite his book on karma by his actions in this month.

Is that possible?


But, there are some who think so, and for the sake of humanity I nod with assertion.

I have seen miracles happen in this month.

Homeless people getting shelter, hungry families are getting a ration of supplies for a month, brothers who haven't spoken for a year will be seated next to each other for a meal, families re-uniting for Christmas after their dads/moms fly back from the war zone, peace treaties are signed, and even wars come to a halt for a festive season.

It is a heart warming sight!

I wish we had Christmas each month! 

Lyrics do not matter when it comes to music for even when Hindi Bhajans or Christmas Carols in English are being played; the impact is overwhelming.

Mantra for today: Music has no barrier and knows no language or creed.


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