Friday, December 27, 2013

Review of PrivyTrifles

PrivyTrifles aka Namrata’s blog Memoirs of Me were secretly admired for a couple of weeks and I am amazed by this young lady’s talent. Her capability and her skills and aptitude for many things are mind blowing. She is a master of many trades and wears many hats as she juggles her daily life, and this is a rare sight for me.

She blogs about unusual items of life that are actually free but, very few men are aware of it and tend to lose it in the daily walk of life. She talks about love, laughter, happiness, friends, loved ones.

Such a person can only inspire others if she loves and respects her life, no matter what! And, yes she does. She treasures her life, come what may and that makes her blog shine amidst many who blog about similar things.

I visited many of her blogs and found her blog, “The Last Lap” very inspiring, and yet it resonated well with my inner self. She is a lady of determination besides being a dreamer and this makes her a unique soul.

I wish Namrata all the best in this journey called life and wish that she lives up to her dreams. She dreams big, and I do not blame her since she is multi-talented..she has all the right to do so!

Good luck Namrata. It was a delight to visit and study your blog over the past few days and even though I was tempted to know you on a personal level…thought I extend my hand after this secret elf game is done playing.

Mantra for today: Just a pinch of extra effort can make someone from ordinary to extra-ordinary!

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