Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Apprehensions while welcoming 2014

As we bid our byes to 2013, I have my own sets of apprehensions about the coming year.

We all know how nasty our world is getting by each hour and what we will get in the coming months is a mystery.

Thus this anticipation!

However, the book of enlightenment suggests that each minute of our lives is a riddle so, why worry and keep doing your deeds cause it is our karma that helps us with our journey of life.

With that thought, I will put away the ornaments of my tree with the hope of seeing them with a brighter and wiser aspect in December 2014 to welcome Christmas and prepare myself to bid farewell to the coming year.

I embrace the memories I made in this year while open up my arms wide enough to take in what the new year dawns upon me.

Let us continue rowing the boat of our life with wisdom while experiencing caution on our deeds and our actions.

Let us usher 2014 in, and make a resolution to be vigilant and meticulous in whatever we do.

Mantra for today: Be prudent at every step of the way; this will help your journey reach its' goal for this new year!

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