Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Converting Failure into Successes...

Life is a long journey of good 70 years minimum. In that lifetime, man faces failures and successes. However, failures hurt the most, and man tends to remember those times when adversity strikes again.

How can we convert our failures into success?

Our mind!


Yes, if we learn from our failures, it will not be regarded as a breakdown, but it will be counted as success since we took home a lesson from it.

Keep your vision wide, and tap onto your sub conscious mind whenever failure strikes. Since, it is there to teach you something. Look at the pros and cons of your failure. Analyze it. Do not come to conclusions, but instead talk to yourself about it.

When your conscious mind talks to your sub conscious mind, analysis is done. And surprisingly, you will find some treasure beneath that failure. If not at that moment, but eventually you will realize it.

Fate cannot be so cruel so, hang in there, oh man!

Mantra for today: Hope is strong and mighty. Man ought to stick to his robust dream.

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