Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Striving for Success

Man is born, and he wants to Aim high!

Sure, why not.

We are intelligent creatures so we ought to climb the ladder and challenge ourselves by aiming for the next step.

However, amidst all this; we tend to complicate our lives. We surround ourselves with glamour, allure, charisma. That tends to bring in the clash of egos and self-pride.

Eventual result is sorrow, and disturbance in mental health, which gradually grows upon a physical ailment.

Why not keep life simple by just remembering to:

Eat: Sensibly

Speak: Appropriately

Listen: Attentively

Think: Positively

Behave: Decently

Breathe: Deeply

Save: Regularly

Sleep: Sufficiently

Earn : Honestly

Life is short. Let's keep our lives simple cause our physical self does not need any extra accessory.

Mantra for today: The essential elements will help keep our life afloat, while giving it the "true" meaning of Life.

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