Friday, October 11, 2013

Signs for Spiritual awakening

Are you in distress, physical pain, mental anguish or any constant pang that is eating you alive?

Fear not!

Cause studies are showing that men who are feeling the constant pressure of their physical self or mental throe are lending an ear to their consciousness and their soul is getting unified with their physical self.


Why would one want to go through this turmoil just to get some form of awakening?

Man ought to struggle with his inner self to realize his potential, and that enriches him inside-out.

We all are aware that gold, and diamond needs deburring, polishing and buffing after they are discovered from Mother Earth. These metals do not get their shine immediately. They undergo a process, and this is a tedious one. In the end, they have a happy and bright ending.

The same story holds good for man. This intelligent soul ought to get brushed off and on with incidents in life, in order to get the soul identify with his body. Once that stage is reached, he is in a sublime phase of life where good or bad nothing bothers him.

He is in a transcendental situation where whatever life throws at him, he grabs it for the keeps.

Thus, next time when your physical or mental self is aching. Do not fear since; you are being destined to a phase of life where the material world will not matter anymore as you embrace your inner self and be satisfied with what life throws at you. Initially it will be an uncomfortable journey, but gradually as the flight takes off; you will in a state of bliss.

Mantra for today: Spiritual awakening happens, when we meditate on our inner body.

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