Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Universe

Did you know that we are surrounded by two kinds of Universe?

Our Outer universe consists the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze of the wind, the exotic sound of the birds, the trees ruffling amidst all this and giving us the necessary oxygen to live, the gentle sound of the ocean that help us relieve our tensions as we hoof along the path of our life.

The Inner universe is our brain. This 3 pounder is an elastic organ that can take in any changes around us. It is so versatile, and it comprises of our thoughts, fears, emotions, worries and memories. Imagine all these bunch of things colliding within each other on a daily basis. How confused man can be?

But, with awareness we can help direct our thoughts and channel our actions and eliminate our worries by helping to create new memories.

This awareness can be created when we choose to live in the present. Such positive changes can only happen, and our inner universe can coincide with our plans if we learn to program it.

People who believe in astrology can agree that our inner universe and our outer universe can play an important role in our development and progress as we chug along our respective paths.

These two universes are related, and we just ought to know how to organize our inner universe so that it aligns with the outer universe and give us all that we desire.

Mantra for today: We can be the masters of our destiny. Just got to learn the secrets of programming our inner universe.

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