Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ME and my EGO

EGO is our self pride that makes our head go up, and we tend to become opaque to the problems around us.

We have heard umpteen times that the EGO of man is causing all the blood shed around our planet, and that man has to let go of his pride and bow down to thy man for he is his brethren and not a demon.

Getting to the cause of how ego is formed.

Ego is formed when we have a fear of something inside us. That fear makes us work towards it, and then when attained, we tend to get EGO and shut ourselves off from the rest of the planet.

That fear makes us shut down our consciousness so that we can protect ourselves.

Alas, this only makes things worse.

Relationships could get sour, and eventually man could become all alone on this highly populated planet.

My 2 cents (as I also continue to let go)

Let GO of your fear.

Work on your fear of loss of any kind of fear of criticism, losing a job, fear of death or loneliness.

Talk to your inner self of your apprehensions and let the EGO Go.

This will help you and all the relationships you are in. Eventually, making the world a beautiful place!

Mantra for today: Enlighten yourself and let your ego disappear into thin air.

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