Thursday, October 24, 2013

Expectations versus Reality!

Man is ambitious, and he is ought to be since he is intelligent, astute, inventive. The comforts that we all share today is thanks to his creative imagination that has steered man from the woods and become a civil man.

Now, that is a double entendre where we talk about a man coming out of the woods and becoming civil. Sure, we have come out of the woods but, our mannerisms are not civil at all. Look how ugly we have made our society. Well, that's another discussion for another day!
Man's continuous lunge for inventions with the hope of advancement has made him high on his expectations, however; that has made him shirk from the realities of life.
Result: Sufferings!
Unfortunately, we all live our life in this gap and wonder, WHY?
The answers are right there, but hardly do we pay attention to the details. This suffering is because we chose to be in it.
This gap can be filled with contentment, gratification, complacency; if we chose to expect things without any expectations. The want of success because of hard work, the desire to achieve something makes us tremble with anger and fill our gap with grief and misery. This leads to not only physical but emotional stress. The result is diseases!
The fact that you are living is a boon. It is a sign that you will get an opportunity to climb the ladder of success, one fine day!

Mantra for today: You living today is a boon, thus fill yourself with gratification each day.

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