Thursday, October 31, 2013

How much space do we need—really?

Last weekend, I went for my son's swim meet. For those of you who are new to this concept, parents and their kids flock in thousands in a small area where they pitch their tent or put up chairs to rest and wait up patiently for their kid's turn to go and swim when their event is announced.

Each event has about 20 heats with 7 lanes open. And each child registers for at least 4 events. Thus making it a day long affair.

The above could give an insight into the plight of the parents who try to keep their belongings secure as they rush their child for the event they have signed up.

This was our second swim meet, and we preferred to take our chairs instead of a tent. Our kid would swim and come back and plop on the chair until the next event was announced. Until then we, as parents would hydrate him and give him a bite of potassium or protein.

While being busy in our own little world, there was this peculiar man who was eyeing us in an evil manner and was making every effort to fold our chairs and get away from there. He was resting in a tent and we were interrupting his space of hanging the towel thus, were not permitted around that area.


How much space does a man really need?

Research indicates 10 sq. feet  (1 m2) per person.

The situation in that aquatics center made me feel of "what if there is an emergency, and men have to flock in one place?"
Will we fight like cats and dogs for a space more than a man requires?

This man and his family had space to lie down and bask the sun until the next event was announced while we were just sitting on those two chairs and using the back side of our chair to hang/dry our towels. Just because he could not get space to dry his towels since our chairs were occupying that space, made him angry and was instigating others about us.

Why can't man learn to share space and be civil?

My 2 cents
We are quick to use our freedom of speech but hardly do we ponder on our freedom of actions.

Mantra for today: Being aware of our actions will help make this world a better place.

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