Thursday, August 15, 2013

Does the Law of Attraction work?

Man is a friendly animal, and he usually wants a community around him.

As the law of attraction says that Good, attracts virtuous people.

Men who are civil are respected world wide, and they usually draw attention.

The laws of appeal are so simple yet, complicated since; being good and pleasant all the time would be totally impossible for man.


Man is under pressure to perform his best all the time. All his energy is going into making the law of attraction outstanding and perfect. This will eventually exhaust him, and he will lose his charm very soon.

What to do?

Be Selfish, and be yourself! Establish a good relationship with your SELF.

Chemistry has proved that each atom is different with its' spectacular electrons, protons and neutrons. But, they still tend to attract the atoms of their kind.

The same applies to man.

Each man is different but, the law of attraction will hold true for every individual. Thus, the unique fingerprints.

Mantra for today: Man is unique thus, watch out for SELF.
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