Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Democracy and an Atheist

Life is easy for a believer versus an atheist who is skeptic over every issue that comes across him.

Infact, if we want an easy life, believing in supreme power or the fundamentals of life would be an easy bet to let go of problems that suffice on a day to day basis.

An atheist will think through all the facts logically and be reasonable thus struggling through each angle of his life. However such people are free thinkers and tend to be entrepreneurs since the boundaries are unlimited.

Which one would you rather be?

Lately, the US Army is raising concerns with people who are atheists and consider them as potential risk indicators as they might fail to cover the back of their colleagues during the time of service.

My 2 cents

Not believing in the Almighty gives them no reason to be judged. Infact, there are many service members in the past that have served honorably and continue to do so without believing in the Supreme power. Discrimination based on belief is not honorable.

We are living in a democratic world where each of us has a right to choose what and how to live. Unless, democracy is just a sham!

Mantra for today: Democracy is, when man gets to live according to his terms.
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